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Information About MSAA for Midwest Ski Areas

The Midwest Ski Areas Association is a regional association of 80+ Midwest ski areas. The Association works to serve the interests of skiing and snowboarding areas in the region. Please join us and be a part of the community we serve.

Our Members find us valuable

MSAA's uses the dues from our member ski areas and suppliers, and additional income from our rental and accessories buying group, from sponsorships and related activities - to work for Midwest skiing.  We invest this money in programs that are designed to benefit ski areas and the ski industry—right here in the Midwest— benefit you. That's why about 90 Midwest ski areas are members right now.

Some of our actives include:

Summer Meeting & Trade Show

MSAA's annual conference is regarded as the best regional ski area industry meetings and trade show in the US.  We attract about 400 ski area people from the Midwest and suppliers from more than 60 companies. It is the primary industry education event in our region.

Our website, is a portal to your site, and to information on our region. We get thousands of hits daily during the winter season. Check it out and see for yourself.  In addition we created ski area members and suppliers sections, which offer member specific information and data. The members only part of the site keeps you up-to-date about current happenings.

Midwest Ski Areas News

Our publication continues to grow and expand. Every member company should be receiving at least one copy of the newsletter, which is published 4 times a year. Midwest Ski Areas News is also mailed to suppliers and ski are managers across the country.

Work with National, State and Service Associations

MSAA continues to work with various national and regional associations such as:

  • National Ski Areas Association
  • National Ski Patrol
  • Professional Ski Instructors of America
  • USSA
  • State Marketing Groups

Our efforts are to help them know more about your specific needs and to target their efforts in ways that help our members the most. Generally they are appreciative to have someone to talk to that represents Midwest skiing interests.

Media Focal Point

MSAA reaches out to Midwest Media with direct mailings 9 times a season to over 600 media contacts at daily newspapers and TV stations in our region. The media portion of is a resource for them. Check it out.

MSAA Rental Buying Group

In 2001 MSAA established the MSAA Rental Equipment Buying Group to help our members save money and to get better equipment for our use helping beginners learn to ski/ride. Every ski area that buys most anything saves many times their dues and gets better products for the Midwest renal environment.

Travels Around the Region

Each year your management team tries to get to as many Midwest ski areas as possible. Last year the president got to over 40 Midwest areas.

Membership—MSAA Dues

Membership dues are based upon the volume of skier/boarder visits during the past season. Our membership year runs from May 1 to April 30. Thank you for considering MSAA membership.

We need each other!

MSAA and your ski area can make a great team—we are working on a number of new programs established by our Board of Directors and new ways to spread the word about how fun skiing and snowboarding in the Midwest can be. Please join the 80+ other Midwest ski areas who already know that.

For further information call MSAA at 651-225-4890 or email us at: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

About Us

The Midwest Ski Areas Association, Inc. (MSAA) is a non-profit trade association, which represents the interests of ski areas located in Illinois, Indiana, Iowa, Michigan, Minnesota, Missouri, North Dakota, Ohio, South Dakota, and Wisconsin.  The mission of the Midwest Ski Areas Association, Inc. is to represent the interests of the membership by providing resources that enhance the quality of service and product provided to the public, and to foster, stimulate and promote safety, education and growth in the industry.

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